Hi I'm Pur Thijs

Hair and Makeup artist, based in Amsterdam,
working internationally, mother of two.

More than 25 years of professional experience.
From small arthouse films to large film productions with hundred of extras , from theater and television projects to photoshoots.

For a make-up artist it is often not about making
people as beautiful as possible, but about creating characters. With my work I contribute to bringing a characters to life. Appropriate to the time in which the film or theaterplay is set -a crook from 2020 looks completely different from a villain from 1756.
That's why I love period-related movies more than anything else.

But every project is an attractive challenge and I always take my creative task very serious ly. So I can often be found in a museum, archives and police files, or in conversation with ambulance drivers or school children. Whatever it takes to get inspiration for my next project.