Make-up training

Learning from a professional make-up artist.

As a make-up artist I know that makeup should not be a disguise but a way of enhancing a person, of telling a story. In private life this story is about beauty. I am passionate about making women look great and feel beautiful.
About helping them to bring out the best version of themselves.

Day 1

What is your appearance?

Tell me your story
My vision on your face.
Discuss ideas with the other trainees
How do you want to look ?
What are the possibilities?

How it is done


Explained and applied on each trainee by Pur

Day 2

Create an plan

Picture 'before'
The proper sequence
Choosing products

Do it yourself

Try for yourself
With professional advice
Discuss the results
Picture 'after'
and ......have fun

Where, when and what does it cost?

€ 95,-

per person

This price includes VAT and all make up products.

The training can be given privately or for a small or larger group.
Call to discuss the options.

Please click on ' enroll ' and fill in the required data.

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